Out Of The Slime: Arrive

Avatar Author: Concerned Reader I ain't a writer right now, and I probably wont be one in the future, but I sure as hell enjoy the act of writing. I've only just started writing in the past few years, and even then have only produced short stories and s... Read Bio

We were winning the fight,
Kept our enemies wrapped tight,
But the world was much worse for wear.

Whether we won or lost,
It didn’t matter what lines we crossed,
We’d already gone too far to care.

What little land was left,
We protected against others theft.
Holding on to all that we held dear.

They came in the middle of the night.
Said they felt sorry for our plight.
But their kind words did nothing to stem our fear.

This wasn’t the enemy we were used to,
They fell from the stars with one goal to pursue,
“This fighting,” they said, “must come to a stop.”

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Inspired by

Once upon a time, We fought up out of the slime, That permeated the world that we lived in. We fought our way to the top, But once there we d...

Out Of The Slime: Arrise by Concerned Reader

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