The Reactivation of 1000 Procedures Begins with a Single Process

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XJ-399 changed the subject. “You got the main power online yet, or just one of the subnetworks?”

“Just one of the subnetworks,” YU-443 responded. “I’m trying to find one of the main access shafts.”

“Okay. Also, can you figure out how to stop the wireless signal? I hate getting this repetitive greeting shunted into my receiver.” XJ-399 quickly scanned the scene behind the panel.Everything seemed in excellent condition, especially for being in hard vacuum for a thousand years following what appeared to be a major battle.

“So what do you think happened here?” YU-443 suddenly asked.

“I don’t know.” XJ-399 tried another panel. “First, the Bioids tried compulsory cyberintegration. The EDF and the Fourth Reich didn’t like it; the latter was wiped out, the former fled here. The remnants of the EDF drove the Bioids back to Jupiter. This doesn’t fit, though. It’s off. I can’t really—”

“Try the network now,” YU-443 interrupted.

XJ-399 sent out a test signal. “Hey,” he exclaimed, “I think I found the onboard AI—”

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Lights, unused for over a millennium, flickered to life, and the gentle hum of machinery deep within the station began to quietly resume its ...

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