My Island Between Worlds

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I was sitting on a beach with soft, fine sand. I didn’t know how I had ended up there. I couldn’t see any foot prints leading to or from me. It was as if I suddenly appeared.

The sky was a twisting torrent of colors- twilight’s blue haze, midnight’s velvet covers, and the gradual explosions of the setting sun. A moon smiled in the night sky while the departing sun waved it goodnight.

I stood and dusted the sand off my shorts. The beach was part of a tiny island that, except for a few palm trees that loomed comforting overhead, was quite bare.

In the distance I could see other unpopulated islands.

Crystal clear waters lapped at the shore. I knelt down to get a better look and was surprised when a train thundered past below.

I dipped my toes in the water and was rewarded with a flash insight- I was in the place between dreams and the only way to leave was to dive in.

It was beautiful here, quiet; a sanctuary, but I knew that I’d be back.

I jumped in, plunging headfirst into my next dream’s embrace.

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