You Can't Love A Monster

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“I just don’t know if I can love you the same Andrew. Your not the person I had fell in love with a year ago. I can sit here and lie to myself, but the fact is that this would never work.” – “Amy you can’t mean this, I haven’t changed who I am inside. Only the outside has changed.”

Andrew looked at the moon, fighting the urge off to howl in the night. Afraid he might scare off Amy.

“Andrew you must understand this situation we are in. You can’t go back into town the way you are, and when the full moon passes the damages is already done. I fear every day that I’m in harms way, and I can’t live my life that way.”

“I don’t understand, and I know I must. Letting you go will tear me apart, and every night I look into the moon I will always think about you. I won’t forget about you Amy, I love you.”

Andrew wanted to kiss Amy for one last time, but was too afraid he would be turned away. He left the night with an empty feeling, knowing that he had left behind a life full of love for a life of emptiness.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Very tragic story, classic monster movie sort of stuff. Some of the dialog feels a bit stiff, but you get the feel across all the same.

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