May The Gods Be With Me

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The man with the beak pushed through the desert wind, his boots grinding along the sand.

His beak extended from his tan face around 12 inches, its color magnificent, exotic, like one of a beautiful bird.

He was not deemed beautiful. Cast out from his people and fed to nature. A six-shooter on his belt (that he knew not how to use), one bag of food in his pocket (which he dared not eat) and the cold bitter truth that he was not wanted in this world. This is all he has.

This night would be a long one.

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  1. Avatar Oy

    This reminds me a lot of Stephen King’s The Gunslinger !

  2. Avatar Bryar

    I love that line, the “He was not deemed beauitul.” However, you have a lot of exposition for what is supposed to be a contained idea. Most of all, I really like the idea you have here, and wish there was less of a limit so I could read more about it.