Decisions, Decisions.

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It was very hard to decide. She couldn’t make up her mind. This woman could be D’Angelo little sister that follows him into his darkness. Or this woman could be his love interest, and maybe he came to find her; she was hidden in the tree.

So many thoughts ran across her head. “Decisions, Decisions!” she said as she once again paced the courtyard.

She looked above at the cherry blossom tree, and decided to climb “maybe more inspirations lives there.”

She sat on three branches, and could see the entire courtyard, and everything else beyond it. She saw her little world in the corner by the cherry blossom tree, and it brought her a giant smile. She took her book, and stared at the picture of D’Angelo.

“D’Angelo, who do you want this woman to be? She is very beautiful and her innocence is almost infatuating. She does resemble me a little bit, but…”

Then she heard the nun call for her. “Ahhhmerrra!!!”

She silently remained in the tree and closed her eyes. “Where did Amera go?” she said as left the yard.

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