The Intruder

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Jane was on her way home when she discovered an intruder. She smelled the enormous creature before she saw it: It emanated an obscene stench that remotely reminded her of certain flowers, but smelled twisted and unworldly. On the upper part of the body the skin was a sickly purple and had started to wrinkle and peel off. The thing’s legs were covered in a more smooth but rough, leathery blue skin. From its upper body protuded two pale, glistening tentacles which ended in even more, smaller tentacles. In one of these extremities the thing held a black cuboid that emitted a faint glow and gave off a singsong of nonsense. The creature responded to the object in a complex wail that showed off its gigantic teeth. Jane knew instinctively that nothing good could come of this giant, and yet was unable to turn away from the outlandish sight. Just as she thought this, it spotted her in the grass and and bowed down to take a closer look at her. Finally, Jane’s fear took over and she ran home to the ant colony.

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