At the speed of a blur

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The roar was an unmistakable sound. The cars were revving their engines to a high pitched whine. The green flag came out waving violently, there was a deafening roar and a screech of tires on the track. Jimmy’s car lurched into the lead, his foot to the medal. There was no feeling like this in the world, soon everyone and everything became a blur. Jimmy went into his preprogrammed routine of turns, braking, and accelerating, like a robot. It was amazing how much the steering wheel jiggled.

Just then it was if the whole world stopped. Then it went into slow motion.

The earth was flipping and flopping (why was it doing this?), there was a smell of smoke and sulfur in the air. The steering wheel turned completely freely as if Jimmy were flying through the air. Jimmy WAS flying through the air! After what seemed like an eternity everything was calm.

Suddenly, there were lots of sirens and people asking if he was ok? Jimmy wanted desperately to tell them everything was fine, but found he could not speak…

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