The Hunt

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The stillness of the moonlit landscape lent the world a supernatural quality. Wading through knee-deep darkness, the man in the worn black coat and the wide-brimmed hat had little more for protection than a prayer on his lips. Helsing van Rictofen stepped through the tall grass with the wary determination of a hunter stalking prey, trusty shotgun gripped firmly.

He brought up the shotgun calmly, cracked it open, loaded the silver buckshot. Frowned at the miles of tall grass rustling in the wind.

One stalk hesitated. Then it bent the wrong way.

Golden eyes in the night.

The shotgun kicked his shoulder as he fired once, twice. Wisps of acrid gunsmoke curled from the twin barrels. Without pausing he cracked the shotgun open, pulled out the spent shells, shoved in two more.

Then he watched the grass, waited for something to move, for a target to present itself.

No sounds but his measured breathing, no movement but the rustle of windswept grass.

He lowered the shotgun.

The beast lunged from the darkness.

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  1. Avatar J.M.V.

    “Helsing van Rictofen”? Really?

    You seem to be drawing on Westerns a bit. Was that intentional? I like it either way.

    You kept the genre implied through most of it- silver buckshot, “Helsing”- but were very explicit in the last line. The conclusion might fit the rest of it better if you brought the two closer to one another. Maybe another hint or two more toward the middle and replacing “werewolf” with a broader term?

  2. Avatar Nickel

    Actually, I’m not so sure about the name – kinda just made it up. ‘Helsing’ was a sorta-reference to the movie, but I didn’t quite realize it until I had written the whole thing. For the rest of your points, I’ve edited the story a little.

  3. Avatar There is a light and it never goes out :)

    I wrote a sequel, hopefully it doesn’t offend too badly :/

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