The Boarding, Part I

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The Imperial cruiser came up behind the small craft, slowing to match speed. Hailing frequencies were already on, and data transmitted back and forth between the vessels, although no one from either ship had actually spoken to the other. Captain Kino walked down the gantry, towards the huge view screens. Regional Commander Shuth stood staring into the screen showing only the void of space. Apparently he had ordered the screens set to a one-x-displacement. The small craft they were overtaking was a small blur towards the center of one screen. There was absolutely no detail, and only a simple red marker picked it out. Still, the commander stared at the tiny smudge, as if looking directly at the real thing. Kino’s experience told him to leave the commander alone, but he had to report.

“Commander, we are closing fast on the rebel ship. Sensors report that we are within small weapons range.”
Shuth’s low growl replied, “Good. Fire a warning shot, and begin boarding procedures as soon as possible, Captain.”

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