Bloody Mirrors!

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Ice cream cones stifling wilted moans, lazy, flower skipping overdressed drones and unblushing beauty static and prone, absently intent on the tan that she hones.

The beautifully bruised evening sky, a delicate flitting flutterby and murmurs a languid ‘hi’ to the buzz of the noisesome bluebottle fly. Oh aye, you mustn’t deny a space to the things that try

Early morning mist shrouding a silent field is bliss, so sneakily admits to the list the joyful cacaphony of summertime kids is never too hard to dismiss.

Shower dial heavy on the counter- kirkwise, senseless moments in the ice then mentally rise, a brief respite from all that stupefies beneath this relentless appolean reprise.

Windows thrown wide and quilt cast aside also the loving embrace that you cannot abide, funny, the closeness of summer brings an uncontested night time divide…

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  1. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Honestly, these are too original to rate. Rating doesn’t do any justice to what you’re attempting to do with the language. And what you’re doing is incredibly difficult and complex. I like the way you can rhyme a story, and sometimes it really works, other times I’m wishing to hear it with the rhyme dropped. I think you have great writing ability but it is hampered by having to rhyme always. Having to rhyme takes you off good topics. It takes you on tangents that lead to a reader’s disinterest. Honestly, I keep coming back for more because I can tell you have incredible writing ability just waiting to bust out and really show itself in an entire work, not just in spurts.

  2. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Had to sequel!

  3. Avatar Marli

    I really like the whimsical ebb and flow of this piece. I have only heard flutterby used once before and that was in Africa. You could remove ‘and’ before murmurs.

  4. Avatar I Am Not Number!

    Thankyou very much Marli, I did ponder the ‘and’ but thought it sounded a bit too lazy without it. I’m an obstinate soul so I think I’ll keep the typos ;)

  5. Avatar MaryTheCreativeGirl

    Love it!!

  6. Avatar Batak Beatrix

    Beautifully written!