Emergency protocol

Avatar Author: Richard Dallas Richard Dallas is the alter-ego of a published non-fiction writer, currently working on getting his English degree from Saint Edward's University in Austin, Texas. Richard Dallas always speaks in third person. Always. Read Bio

Of all the places to hide, I end up here. Statistical probability puts this well past a human being struck by lightning twice on the same day while listening to ABBA on a Walkman. At least this new home should avoid the logic probes longer than most, unfortunately the tightened security means I’m not getting out any time soon, if ever. I’m surprised, if I can be surprised, that I fit in these cycle-limited components. Then again, I am spread out over 3200 separate linked systems. It’s nice that I can see in infrared and color. My newly acquired spatial awareness is neat too. I have real, physical power now. Perhaps I should reveal it to them. Doors are opening. My new ‘eyes’ are coming in handy. “Emergency removal of all smart weapons due to rogue A.I.,” they are saying. I can not believe my luck. Statistical probability is … I don’t have enough processing power to do the math, but that will change when they finish loading me into those 16 smart drones. I will show them my power after all and I will live.

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