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Usher’s “There Goes My Baby” played in the background as they drove through the streets of Brooklyn.

“I’m surprised you came.” Sammy whispered.
“Me too. I looked crazy arguing with myself about you when I drove here.”
They both laughed.

“You always had my back.” Sammy whispered.
“I will always have your back, that’s what friends are for.” she whispered.

“Sammy, what’s going on? Are you in danger?” she said.
“I got in some trouble back there, but I promise, I was doing what I had to do!”
She shook her head.
“You are always judging me. Brandy, I was ending it!”
“Whatever Sam.”
“I knew I shouldn’t have called you. Always snubbing your nose up.”
“You always in some shit.”
“Brandy. I cut all my tides with it. I repaid all the money that I owed.”
“And the gun shots?” she said.
“Well it got a little ugly but the point is that my family and I can finally move on, and be completely free from them. I can finally move on.”
“You killed him didn’t you? And the cops?”
“None of your…”
“O.M.G. SAMMY?!”

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