My Family and You

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“I didn’t kill anyone. But he almost killed me. My family is who I am. I wouldn’t let him destroy them. I didn’t kill him but he isn’t currently breathing at the moment. I needed to get out.” Sammy stated.

“Did anyone see you?”
“No, the house burnt down an hour ago, so my prints are gone like the smoke.”
“Were you afraid?”
“Yeah, I was petrified. I’ve dealt with these men for a long time, even though I repaid everything that I owed they still attack my family. I ended it. I had to! These men kinda caused us to break up. I had to eliminate my friends and relationships so they won’t target you to. I’m sorry Brandy.”

“Oh Sammy, I’m sorry too.”

“This is what I was brought up in. This was my life, and I met someone like you, and you enhance all the positives in my life and then I had to lose you. It was tough cause I do love you and I hope you never stopped loving me?

“Samuel, I wouldn’t be here, if I stopped loving you.” she said as she cried.
He caught her tears, and wiped them away with his kiss.

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  1. Avatar El Fe del Oro

    Aww. I liked this.

  2. Avatar Mr. Reeses

    I’m glad you did!

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