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“Passion… What?”

“Passion socks,”

“How did you get that nickname?”

“Well, one day while I was at work, the CEO swung by and paid us a visit. His whole entourage comes by my office as part of the tour, and I spring to my feet. I greet him, say a few words, and then they leave. I think nothing of it.”

“But why…”

“Later that day I drop by my boss’ desk, and she gives me a dirty look. Apparently I made quite an impression on the CEO. Normally when I’m at my desk, I kick off my shoes to make myself comfortable. The CEO just couldn’t believe that he was shaking the hand of some guy in his socks. At the end of the visit he told her, ‘That guy, he shows passion!’ That was all he took away. Not how good the team was doing. Not how good the product was. Just how passionate its people were.”

“My gosh. What kind of socks were you wearing?”


“…. You should change that if you ever tell this tell this story again. How about making the socks purple? Purple Passion Socks!”

“What’s wrong with Khaki?!?”

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  1. Avatar MaryTheCreativeGirl

    Haha. I loved it!!

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