The Desert That Wasn't

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Humid. That was not what I was expecting when deplaning in Tuscon, AZ. I was expecting hot, dry, arid, but not humid. I quickly grabbed my luggage and raced for my friends car.

“It is monsoon time”, Dan said. Monsoon? In the desert? Who created this? As we drove, we passed a thunderstorm, pouring its heart out on the land. Everything was green!? “Is it always like this?”, I asked.

Dan slowed the car, then stopped. Ahead, everything was stopped. The road was washed out. Dan whooped! “We never get this much water, you really picked a good time to come down! Come more often!”, Dan was beside himself. Having lived in Tucson for the last 10 years, he knew all too well about dry and hot.

Lots of Saguaro’s stared at me, almost smiling as we turned around and drove on. There were bugs! “We never have bugs!”, Dan smirked. The gray clouds dissipated and we turned into Dan’s development. It was dry again, quiet. Mother Nature calm again. As we parked, I jumped out of the car determined.

“I am ready for adventure!”

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  1. Avatar Passionsocks

    Wow, lots of excitement and energy. Everything is reasonably realistic and believable. Full marks.

    My biggest problem was the anthropomorphism of the saguaros. I can see them more giving me the finger than smiling I guess.

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