The Fall

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Dennis had spent rather a lot of time and, counter-intuitively, effort trying to avoid doing his job. He didn’t like his job, a fact made all the more frustrating to him by the smiles of his colleagues who seemed to enjoy that same profession. Those smiles confused him. He didn’t know how to feel when a co-worker walked past his cubicle grinning like they’d just been gassed by the Joker.

So it was rather fortunate, from Dennis’ perspective at least, that he’d fallen down a well in his lunch break. He was woozy, and he was certain he’d broken a leg, but he didn’t feel much compulsion to cry for help. After all, he still had his mobile on him, and when he was ready he could simply call the emergency services and tell them he’d blacked out or something. Plus it had Peggle on it. He wasn’t going to be bored.

He’d ignored the first low battery warning. He’d accidentally closed the second. It was only a few seconds after he realized he might want to call for help that his phone died.

It started to get dark.

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  1. Avatar Ana Cristina

    Great piece! (Though I might have been biased by the fact that I love Peggle.)

  2. Avatar Endyo

    Peggle is fantastic, but I dunno… no matter how much I hate my job or like peggle, I think falling down a well and breaking my leg is reason enough to make a phone call.

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