Today 5 Is Our Number - pt2

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Though I must have hurt it some because those words were tearing me apart

And the day that I first said them; no other words had tasted as sweet
Because you Dear, are my first love; a newly burning heat
The fire inside me that no other girl can provide

And then we dawned month 4
A hard month on you if I remember right
Because your parents were having a fight
When your words first came across I knew something was amiss
Because for the first time in awhile you had lost that cheerful bliss

So made a joke trying to make you feel better
But then I realized your day had taken a turn for the worse and you made it clear:
Only I could help

Now I’ll be honest cat, this scared the hell out of me
Because I knew I couldn’t afford to screw up
I was on my own, in a situation I knew nothing about
But we managed to scrape through and make the best of a bad situation

And now I’d say we’re closer than we’ve ever been

I love you wondercat, never forget that.
Today 5 is our number.
Can’t wait for 6.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    aww! my fave part is how you admit you are scared of facing her situation, and in th first part, how you don’t want to say you love her too soon and scare her off. :)
    I think you’ve handled it brilliantly!

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Today five is our number Its the amount of months we’ve been together And I know it feels like longer But thats because we are so good ...

Today 5 Is Our Number by The Silence [All By Myself] {LoA}

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