Bring Me Your Weary

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He’d been riding for days. How long didn’t really matter… After his escape from the last batch of gangs roaming the wastes he just wanted to find a place to bed down and call his own.

Accompanied only by the voice of his iron steed as he motored his way along the dusty road, he suddenly remembered that he wasn’t too far away from an old building that his aged mentor had shown him long ago.

“People used to worship here. You can see their faces in the windows… Well, the ones that aren’t broken anyway. I don’t know much about the God they praised, but it still feels… I dunno… Holy here. Serene.”

That would hit the spot better than an entire liter of water right now.

He veered off the main drag and made his way to the decrepit cathedral. He approached the door, dismounted his bike and walked it toward the door. Fortunately no squatters had claimed it, so he made it his own.

He set up a few crude door alarms, bundled up a pistol inside his jacket for a ‘security pillow’ and drifted to sleep.

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  1. Avatar Tesseract

    Keywords were: Obtaining – Road Warrior – Cathedral. Sounded like something out of dot.hack . XD

  2. Avatar Darren Landrum

    I like it. Post-apocalyptic fiction seems a tired genre, but I like to think there is plenty of life left in it.

  3. Avatar JC Tovil

    I like the little bit of hope that this story has.

  4. Avatar southsideof10

    The mentor’s comments seemed a little ‘off’ somehow. We usually think of mentors as being sagelike and well spoken. This one seems at a loss for words and scattered. Plus, saying ‘dunno’ just makes it sound like the narrator is listening to a buddy and not a mentor.

    I really liked the “better than a liter of water” line. Great sentiment.

  5. Avatar Tesseract

    Thanks, southside!

    Also, Mentors can be all sorts. I liked the Idea of an old, burned-out biker who has world-smarts but not necessarily the best with words.