Day 48 in the Big Brother House...

Avatar Author: the_tandyman I love sci-fi, horror, fantasy and everything in between... Always had these little scenes and vignettes in my head and now maybe I can "clear out the attic a little" - so to speak. Hope you enjoy, and if ya don't, hell, ... Read Bio

07:48 Most of the housemates are still asleep, except for Tincture and Bobble who are in the abattoir…

08:21 Flipper, DeVille, Bobble and Monkey Hands are in the garden. Tincture is making toast…

09:24 The housemates are sheepishly wondering why they sold their souls to the Devil last night…

11:17 Tank Engine and Pig Lips are catching fish from the ice hole. The rest of the house mates are floating.

13:09 Frozen Legs is summoning Cthulu in the dining room. The rest of the housemates are trying to teach Yoghurt to fly, despite her fear of heights.

17:04 Wheeltrim, Cushion and Gravel are building a train from left over cheese wrappers. The rest of the housemates are asphyxiating.

17:14 Snape has travelled back in time from 10 minutes in the future and is savagely beating himself to death.

23:41 All of the housemates are in the fridge, chanting “9, 10 never sleep again…!”

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