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I stepped out of the time machine into a void. There was a firmament beneath my feet, but complete darkness almost everywhere else…

…save one old man seated about ten feet away.

He looked up as I arrived and had a curious glint in his eye. Approaching, I extended my hand in greeting. “Hey there. Need some help? My name is…”

Before I could finish, he grabbed my hand with a strength I would not have guessed and pressed something cold to my neck, knocking me unconcious. When I came to, both the old man and my machine had disappeared. He at least had the decency to leave me with regenerative medical and food provisions, but it would be a long wait in this void.

Months became years, and the isolation wore on my mind. The thought of escape consumed my every thought.

When a young man who seemed strangely familiar appeared in a similar machine to my own, I didn’t hesitate in the slightest. I slapped a stun patch on his neck, emptied the vessel of supplies and regained my long-lost freedom.

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    And to think he could have just avoided all this by putting the fella back on the time machine and sending him away. :)

  2. Avatar Tesseract

    Depends… the temporal mechanics of the situation are already screwy (Future-self marooning Present-self in Future-self’s past). He might just remain stuck in the void in his own continuity.

    The particulars of this could go into a discussion much longer than a 1,024 character limit, though. ;)

  3. Avatar HSAR

    I had an inkling of what the twist was going to be, but you pulled it off really well all the same.

  4. Avatar Bob Liddil

    Life’s a circle – explained :)

  5. Avatar Concerned Reader

    Recursion is weird like that. You have to enter it before you can exit it.

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