The Third Half

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The teacher gestured and the next question in the lesson hovered in front of the white board. The dark letters were as clear as if they’d been printed on the air.

“What is the capital of New New York?” she asked.

A dozen holodesk lights flashed in response.

“Yes, Amily?”

The little girl grinned and lisped, “New New York City.”

“Correct, thank you.” Another gesture, another question. “In what year did Google establish the first colony on G-Earth? Marius.”

“2247,” the boy replied.

“Very good.” Her gaze fell on another boy in the back of the room, slouched in his chair. His eyes fluttered open periodically as he struggled to stay awake. She pursed her lips.

“Danel, what are the principal exports of Neu Deutschland?”

He sat bolt upright. “The principal exports are coffee and tea making facilities and a large number of people who have been in the business of the company and—”

“Enough,” the teacher interrupted. “Please, turn off your autocomplete function and pay attention.”

Danel blushed. “Sorry.”

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Heh, if Google took over the world… :)