Multi-Dimensional Language

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This is how I began:

“Of the various species the human race has encountered throughout the galaxy, all have viewed language as a single, uni-dimensional entity.” As I said this, the overseer displayed a black, horizontal line on a field of white.

“There is no height to language, except what we artificially impose on it to make it fit on a page, no depth — just the linear progression.” To demonstrate, the overseer superimposed words in various languages onto the line as I spoke. “Several days ago, this changed. We discovered the first species that communicates in three dimensions.”

The screen flooded with symbols, layering on and over each other in a cacophony of visual chaos. There was no order to it. It was exactly the way it looked to the average human being.

And then suddenly it snapped into place — the way it looked to a cartographer, to me. The image rotated slowly on three axes, clearly displaying the 3-dimensional nature of this new language. A murmur of conversation rippled through the hall.

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Begin the story here:

    Man, I could make a meal out of this part of the story. I think maybe for the first time ever, I’m really hating the character limit. :-P

    Someone wanna run with this, or do you just want me to continue?

  2. Avatar HSAR

    Very nice, and fits perfectly with the original concept behind the very first ficlet in this series.

    I’m happy to do continue, unless THX wants to do something?

  3. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    And I’m not done tying it back to that first one yet. :)

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