What Lays Within

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There’s a safe in the living room that I didn’t know was there. I probably woulda never found it if John wasn’t there. He may have broken that framed picture with his wild pitching arm, but what lay behind was infinitely more interesting.

The dial turned smoothly, ball bearings well greased. I almost couldn’t hear the faint clicks as the tumblers fell into place. The door opened with silent hinges, eager to show the treasure within.

But behind the door was another door, this one requiring a key. Unperturbed, I new just what to do, and reached up above my head. On the mantle, by the clock, was an old iron key. I placed the key into it’s new found home, and turned it with a twist. The lock went click, and revealed it’s secret within.

Within this door was a little drawer, with no lock to hold it shut. With a steady hand, and a full on grin, the drawer pulled out for me. I placed it down, upon the ground, to see what lay within.

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  1. Avatar Robert Quick

    Sounds like the beginning of something interesting! It also reminds me of a bizarre Alice in Wonderland (polish maybe?) that I saw earlier this year where every door led to a drawer or another door and vice versa. I see you’ve also sequeled it already so, I’ll see you on the other side of that button. Good beginning!

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