Unraveling The History of the Dwarves

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As his hand wrapped around the helve, Mike’s world was torn away, violently replaced by shrubbery and trees, wildlife and nature. Yelling and roaring rumbled through the forest. Mike’s eyes widened at the sounds and, instinctively, he released the axe and turned to run. Suddenly, he was back in his apartment.

Vomit spewed from between Mike’s lips.

His stomach was turning flips. From the other room, Gidget was barking loud, punctuated “YIPS!” Mike dragged his arm across his mouth, cleaning the bits of dinner still clinging to his lower lip, and got up. The yelling and roars were still ringing in his ears.
“What. The. Fuck,” he said, staring at the axe still in its cradle. Mike closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. Bracing himself, Mike snatched the axe from its resting place.
Opening his eyes, Mike was greeted by roars and yelling in the distance. He tried to move in their direction but couldn’t lift his feet. He was anchored in place. But the commotion was headed his way. Quickly.

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  1. Avatar Construct of a Mind

    Now that I’ve got the ball rolling, would someone mind helping me out with a sequel?

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War of the Dwarves by Construct of a Mind