The Curse of Blue Eyes

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He looked at his reflection over the bar. His blue eyes looked dull and his whole face looked tired. It had been a long week.
He scanned the room behind him and watched as a pretty blonde walked into the bar. Red Dress. Tight Body. She looked good.
Their eyes met in the mirror and she smiled.
“Buy a stranger a drink?” She asked in a raspy voice.
He smiled back. “Have a seat, darlin’.”

He woke up to find her lying naked next to him.
He started kissing her shoulder.
“Mm. Wait.” She giggled. “I have to use the bathroom.” She got up and wrapped the sheet around her tiny body.
He was thinking of all the dirty things he wanted to do to her again, when she stopped and picked up the picture of him and his parents.
‘Oh how embarrassing.’ He thought. Maybe keeping a picture of his family in his bedroom wasn’t the coolest idea?
He prepared for her to laugh at him but instead she turned around and her blue eyes were filled with tears. Her voice trembled as she spoke.
“This is my birth mother. I’ve been looking for her.”

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  1. Avatar Pearl

    WHOA! Didn’t see that one coming. Nice writing. Liked the twist at the end.

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