Part to Play (1/3)

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This is the story I want to tell. And this is the first part: the setup.

Setting: house party. Crowded, but not enough to make it uncomfortable. I’m sitting on a couch with my head tilted back and eyes closed. The alcohol has my brain tuned to pick up thick melodies that buzz pleasantly inside my head. I decide my character is secondary to the scene since there are enough extroverted characters that have been drawn out by liquor.

I open my eyes. My good friend is no longer next to me and she is no where in sight. The creepy guy who was next to her is also gone. Plot development.

Background: I do not like creepy guy. Earlier on the couch he was slowly slithering his arms around her neck and talking of cliché subjects and tired jokes. Further description: his voice is soft and poisonous. My good friend did not respond well to him. She is shy, but quite attractive, creating an interesting character.

With both their absence, my character worries.

Chapter end. Flip the page.

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  1. Avatar D.E DeWitt

    I really like the 2nd paragraph. And “creepy guy” just sums up everything.

    Great job.

  2. Avatar Marli

    Great visual scenario. now to find the pair in a sequel.

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