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It had to be him- she shot down the stairs and ran out the front door onto the driveway. There stood his long lean figure next to his red truck. She stopped at the sight of him.
He was about six feet tall-two inches taller than she was- and he was slim but all muscle. His light brown V-neck looked good against his skin, and even though he was wearing his blue baseball hat, his blue eyes glowed just as they always had.
Slowly she walked towards him, wanting to fly to him.
“Hi,” she breathed.
“Hey,” he smiled with heavy eyes. He reached for her hands, and she looked down at them admiring his. They were so protective, and perfect. Her forehead nudged against the rim of his hat. She let go of his hands and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.
Closing his eyes, he wrapped his arms around her back.
“I missed you,” he whispered.

She breathed in the smell of his shirt and felt overwhelming comfort in his arms-it was just him, and her. The world did not exist.

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  1. Avatar Anonymuncule

    Gorgeous. What a sweet little scene.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    A lovely moment, tbut there seems to be something underneath his heavy eyes, some bad news to come perhaps?

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