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Despite everything that had gone wrong, everyone who had died, everything that had been lost, the human spirit lives on. People adapt.
That was his job now, to adapt. To keep these people alive. The few tools he had acquired in the last months had done the job. For now. Kyle and his group were heading south, in a desperate attempt to avoid the hordes of the North. Up ahead was Shannon and Phelps. Behind him, the two families which had joined forces just recently.
The radio chirped.
“Are we getting something on the heart beat monitor?” asked Kyle.
“Yeah, we are”
“Hail him, do not fire unless he refuses to identify himself”
They left their radios on. Kyle could hear them as they tried on various occasions to hail the stranger. They opened fire.
“Wait!” yelled Kyle as he ran to their position. He found them standing over a box. A machine that could imitate the sound a heart beating with incredible precision.
“I’ve confirmed hostility, aggression” said Carlos. “Requesting termination orders”

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