urtletay orystay

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Onceway uponway away imetay, erethay asway away oybay, away alloonbay, andway away urtletay ithway away igmentpay oblempray. Ethay oybay ovedlay ethay urtletay, inway itespay ofway ishay “issueway”, utbay asway oftenway idiculedray orfay itway.

Oneway unnysay afternoonway, ethay oybay, andway ethay alloonbay andway ethay urtletay ereway ounginglay ybay ethay iverray enwhay ethay yskay urnedtay ackblay andway orebodingfay.

Ethay orldway ouldway angechay oreverfay atthay ayday, utbay onay oneway utbay ethay urtletay awsay itway omingcay…

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  1. Avatar Pyropunk 51 (PPP LoA)

    cheat ;-)

  2. Avatar threedot

    :) – as long as I amuse myself….

    Hopefully this will inspire someone with the talent to actually meet the challange…

  3. Avatar Mayra

    haha hilarious.

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