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Savanna walked out side, her face buried in her hands, she was sobbing wildly. Dashian ran out, ‘savanna!" he yelled, but before he could reach her, he was shot, she yelped, and ran off into the night, still sobbing, “MADNESS!!” her mind screamed, ’NO!’ she screeched as she felt the sting of a bullet in her back, she kept running despite the pain of the bullet in her back. ‘WAIT!!! STOP THE BOAT!" she yelled, a girl on the boat looked at her, but it was to late. "NO!’ she said, falling to her knees, sobbing as her heart pounded in her chest. She had given a good fight.. she thought, she stood up as the men in black run over, she braced herself. And soon fell o her knees, this time in a different state of being. "life is valued by toughs whom live it well….if you put up a good fight before it defeats you.. you have truly lived..’ her fathers voice rang out in her head as she hit the wet asphalt. dead..but..happy.
(by my daughter)

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  1. Avatar Riley

    made thsi story form my moms account

  2. Avatar JC Tovil

    The story would be a bit better if you proofread it. There are a lot of grammar and spelling errors that are distracting.

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