Last Pattern in the Sand

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The sun slips toward the distant waterline as the tide starts to rise. I
calmly mix more water and sand and let it dribble between my fingers to form
another spire. My pile of seaweed is almost gone, but I will have enough. I
have plenty of shells for another walkway and doors and windows. The tide
keeps rising but it doesn’t matter. I built higher up the beach, above the
last waterline.

’It’s time to come back to camp,’ yells my mother from back in shore. I

pretend not to hear.

I keep putting the shells and seaweed just so and add some bits of

drift wood I found. I can’t stop now when I am so close. The tide has reached
the edge of the pattern that marked the boundary, but I don’t care, I keep

A shadow falls across me. ‘Why do you keep drawing, the tide will just
wash it away, it’s a waste of time,’ said mother. I don’t look up so she
turns away and walks back to camp.

‘Then I will just draw it tomorrow and build the spires again,’ I whisper,
hurrying to finish the last pattern in the sand.

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  1. Avatar Spiderj

    Touching. Very subtle and given the context of the challenge it has a real melancholy to it. The mother’s lack of understanding is an ostacle to creativity but it is the sea itself which wipes the slate clean every day. Something bigger than any of us that keeps our achievements in check. But is that a spur to greatness or does it only grind us down?

  2. Avatar gĀ²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    This one’s decidedly different than the other entries. Most of the others have been in the context of a larger society, whereas this one is in the smaller society of a single family. The format’s also different, which I also liked.

    Thanks for entering!

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