"try me..i DARE you.."

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Sabrine ran, as fast as he could, her heart pounding her lungs exploding. Her feet slammed into the groudn in a starge rythm, she shriked as she fell, and tumbled, “NO NO NO!!!!!!” she scrreamed, as the ones whom were chasing her, caught up. She screamed bloody murder as they advance don her.

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  1. Avatar Empty J

    Quite a few typos. Needs a rework. :)

  2. Avatar JC Tovil

    I agree.

  3. Avatar Riley

    :/ okay..ill edit it.. but um..is it good.. BESIDES the typos?

  4. Avatar Mostly Harmless

    Yes, there are typos but, this is a good start – maybe it could have been a bit longer, and you could have given us more information about who the characters are and what happens next?

    I’d read a sequel though – it’s gripping stuff! MH :)

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