A mile in her shoes

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She pulled her coat closer around her neck and breathed out a puff of steam as the snow crunched beneath her shoes. Her socks were already soaked and she felt the keys in her pocket like ice against her fingers as she dug them out and shakily punched one into the lock of the driver side door. There was barely a moment to register what was going on but she found herself having been slammed against the car and knocked to the ground. Someone was hauling her up and opening the door. The back of her head hit the inside of the door as she landed and slid on the back seat. He was on top of her and ripping her clothes off, by the time she was oriented enough to struggle he had a hand around her throat, her eyes grew wide but her scream was stifled by his large hand.

“This is legal?” He asked his colleague – who nodded. “It’s a recent law change and the victim had an implant. He’ll learn empathy first hand, they say.” He shrugged in his lab coat as they monitored the man trapped in a nightmare of his own creation.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Brutal description done really well here. I like the idea, definitely a novel use of technology at least suggested elsewhere. It’d be an interesting and fitting punishment, I think, maybe a step or two off from the old school eye for an eye.

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