The Collectors

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When it entered the solar system it dwarfed anything mankind could have ever dreamed of. Mankind was excited for their arrival, awaiting contact. The crafts trajectory put it in a collision course with Earth. They made no contact, that was not what drew them here. The Moon was pulverized as the machine stalked closer to Earths crust only stopping once the planet was within it’s massive circumference. By then it was to late, the planet had been knocked off it’s axis and it’s orbit compromised. They had no use for it’s inhabitants, they were the Collectors and as such they came for the minerals and resources the planet afforded. An entire planet of 6 billion souls died in minutes from the impact and the sudden climate changes. They marveled as the gear works, drills and pistons came to life as the harvest began. They moved between solar systems, each time it was the same, planets died over and over so they could take the much needed resources. They looked on without remorse, they were the Collectors.

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  1. Avatar Browncoatben

    1: I love the subject matter. I’m a sci-fi junkie and love original or even good reimagined material. I think there’s a ton of potential here.

    2: I think you should take a step back from this and separate your thoughts out some. As it is, it’s interesting, but jumbled and rushed. I think this would be greatly improved if it were developed into 3 or 4 entries, telling the story with some more ambiance.

    3: Keep on writing! The above is just and opinion and I may have missed the point of your methods here.

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