Not a Moment to Fear (2)

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“There’s a Sensor blip bearing down on us, but there’s no solid ID.” The lad handed a DataPad to Jain, showing him what he couldn’t describe. Jain, however, could describe it quite easily. What WERE they teaching these kids?

“It’s a Cithid Swarm. Nothing to worry about normally, but why haven’t they sent us a handshake? I assume you’ve tried to contact them?”

The subordinate squirmed. “Yes sir, but I…”

They both noted the appearance of the swarm on the horizon. It was moving quickly and would be on them in a matter of minutes. The Cithids were a peaceful insectoid/hominid race, and they were usually pretty good about following protocols.

“Sound an alert. I want everyone ready. I don’t know what’s happening, and I’m fearing the worst.”

The swarm arrived smashed through the windows. Jain and his fellows defended themselves, but noone seemed to be mortally wounded. The Cithids fared worse, and with a final shot from his service revolver, Jain detonated the skull of the last standing Cithid.

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