Sleepless Nights

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I sat up in bed, covered in sweat. Another nightmare. How long will those two girls haunt me? Sadly, I knew the answer was ‘forever’.
I stared at the neon green numbers of my clock.
I had over an hour until the official start of my day. I thought about going back to sleep but I knew they would be there, in my dreams, waiting to torment and torture me. Even though this was my penance and I knew I deserved it, I didn’t want to face them again.
I thought about their rotting corpses at my front door, their dead eyes staring through me.
I shivered at the memory. The dreams were getting more gruesome and harder to recover from once I was awake. I was going to have to remember to tell Dr. Winters about the zombie girls at our next session. Or maybe I wouldn’t. I really didn’t want to relive it.
I silently made my way out of bed and performed my morning routine an hour ahead of schedule. I would just go into work early and sit around. There was something soothing about my cubicle and being a mindless worker.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I like the parallel of zombies and being a mindless worker drone in a cubicle. Also liked the realistic realization that it should be brought up in therapy, but he probably won’t.

    You’ve got some missing commas that make legitimate compound sentences look like run-ons.

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