Dancing Through the Streets...

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He put on his headphones. Dressed in a shiny black suit, polished shoes, and slicked hair, Ty was ready.
“You got this?” asked his driver.
Didn’t answer. He stepped out. Started dancing. Focused only the movements of his body which were sharp, stylish, and perhaps, outdated. If they were, Tyler was unaware. In that moment of time, as he danced through the dark streets of the city, in the middle of traffic, he felt at peace, and almost lost himself. Then he remembered. The cars were coming. The light was red.
Cars swerved out of his way. People ran. His eyes were still closed. He was still dancing. His fourth day on the job. The last 4 years of his life were a blur.
The people of Faraday Inc. had developed a cure. They held the key to his memories.
The reason he jumped. The reason he survived. The changes in sight, strength, intelligence, and demeanor. They knew everything. Now he was indebted.
He pulled the pin. Aimed his RPG-7 at the oncoming limousine. Flicked the switched. Fired. One smooth motion.

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  1. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Very choppy, but I’m not sure if that is bad. In fact I think it reflects the dancing rhythm. And I like how things are edgy, wavy, crashing, and then smoothing. And there is a lot of emotion going on. All of it lends to a good read. Good introspective evaluation of living in the moment— of fears, anxiety, and then ultimately of an unsettling acceptance of a task— and a certain peace resides somewhere within all of the mayhem.

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