In Between Minds: The Rules

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“Who are you?” I asked, looking directly at the man. Then I sent a suggestion to Kseniya, Your left ear is itchy.

“I suspect that you already know her name,” he replied, indicating Kseniya. “Call me ‘Sir’.”

Kseniya’s left hand went up to her ear and gave it a thorough scratching. She didn’t seem to have any psychic abilities at all. He most definitely did but I doubted that he was a sender.

He continued, “You’re very important to us, Ekatarina. We’re here to look after you until we can find you a home where you will be safe and protected, where your particular skills will be honed, perfected and valued. All that we ask in return is that you not take advantage of our care and generosity.”

“I won’t be harmed if I cooperate.”

“Quite so.” He smiled but it was neither pleasant nor natural.

There was a quiet knock at the door which Kseniya answered. She admitted the steward, burdened with a silver tray which he set on the desk. The smell was overwhelming. I needed to eat more than I needed to escape.

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