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Two small, delicate hands that were as fragile as glass fluttered and swayed through the air. Slightly scarred though they were, they were still graceful. As if they belonged to a dancer.

For some time, she danced alone. Eventually though, another pair of hands appeared beside hers. They were coarse and strong, the hands of a man. Together, they formed a perfect harmony. The beauty they created in their dance was both infinite and undying. Something that could never be forgotten by someone fortunate enough to witness it.

Through their dance they depicted the darkness of the world and also the light. They created joy, love and hope alongside sadness, anger and disappointment. As they danced they created a world of their own. All too soon their dance ended, as all good things must.

As the silence again engulfed them, the heat of his anger returned, burning the world to cinders around them, but still the brilliant smile remained plastered on her face, as if the sun had deemed itself worthy to shine.

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  1. Avatar ItsMeChristina

    I adore this.

  2. Avatar cathy1993

    Wow this is actually amazing! Definate 5 pencils!

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    There’s some lovely language here, but I didn’t quite follow it overall. I think it’s because you’re describing the effect and the metaphor, but I couldn’t see any hint of the underlying reality, leaving the whole thing an exercise in what you would like us to get out of it. The writing is mostly solid (except that fragment at the end of the first paragraph), I just think the point got a little lost in the ether.