The Attack

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Aren’t you a Christian? You shouldn’t be afraid of death.

She shook her head. Not in disagreement, but because her muscles were spazzing. She made fists then opened them again; over and over till her joints were stiff.

“Can’t…” was all she replied. She couldn’t even argue in complete sentences anymore.

Death is just rebirth, right? Then you’re at the feet of the Maker? Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to want?

Tears started to roll down her face. She imagined her family finding her body. She imagined the future she never had. Never being married. Never having kids.

She stood up, but fell back to the ground. The convulsions had gotten too bad for her to walk.

We all die anyways. What are you so afraid of?

“Just—” she replied, clawing at her scalp. “—not yet…”

Don’t be afraid of death.

“I am…”

Tsk. Some Christian.

She held her head. Be it for shame, fear, or the pain from arguing with the voice in her head, it was too hard to tell.

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  1. Avatar D.E DeWitt

    For anyone who has panic disorder.

    My attacks get so bad that I go into convulsions and can’t walk. You literally feel like you’re going to die.

    Sort of the thought process I tend to go through when I have an attack.

  2. Avatar Jesse Blake

    Really dramatic piece with a lot of feeling behind it.

  3. Avatar Tad Winslow

    The back and forth between her thoughts and her broken replies is captivating. It’s almost like a comic book where the hero is in the crushing clutches of the villain. But what’s more interesting than that is that this is a very real occurrence, and the whole (emotionally wrought) argument exists within this one person. I’ve heard, “no tears in the writer means no tears in the reader” — the way you wrote this reminds me of that saying. You have felt this panic before. You know it so well that your reader’s can’t help but feel it too.

  4. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    I didn’t know anyone else had this. Wow.
    You got right in the head there.
    I love finding stuff on here that is just so human. So completely real and relatable that it has to affect the reader in one way or the other.
    Mr DeWitt you have an admirer in me.

  5. Avatar Jessica Cahill

    This is so personal and powerful. I personally don’t know what that conversation feels like, but because of how beautifully you’ve put into words, I can empathize. Bravo.

  6. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    I’m with Jessica, I can empathize because you wrote it so well.
    I understand the struggle for clarity in issues like these, just not the squeeze of death while going through them.
    These introspective pieces are fascinating.

  7. Avatar Elizabeth Gallenberg

    This is fantastic.

  8. Avatar Kihd

    I haven’t read something so sincerely human in so long. This is so captivating! Just throwing in my two cents, and some more orthodox writers would probably disagree with me, but the quick transitions between dialogue and thoughts were perfecto.

    You deserve more, but I’m totally giving you five pencils. Great work.

  9. Avatar Mr.Gabriel

    I liked this piece. At first I thought she was about to get shot or something, but her thoughts were displayed extremely well.

    I can feel for her mind using the Christianity against her. That is definately a good attack.