Annoyance with a Capital Z, Part 2

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My first instinct should have been to run away. But for some odd reason, I did the opposite. I think I was just stir crazy after all those days locked away indoors, trying to make sense of the radio broadcasts. I was scared, but I was also pissed. Or maybe I was just temporarily insane. Whatever the reason, I quickly found myself, baseball bat in hand, several strides into a full out run straight for the dead man that lumbered towards me.

His grotesque face looked shiny in the mid-day sun. It looks like a Halloween mask I thought to myself as I took the first swing at his head. The bat connected with his head just above the neck with a sharp pop, almost like a golf ball bounced on a cement floor, and he clumsily tumbled to his right as he was knocked off balance.

Pfft. Easy. I was quick to congratulate myself and instinctually looked behind for someone to gloat to – Maybe my wife saw that…

No, but another woman did. A dead one within arms reach. The bat again felt too small in my hands.

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  1. Avatar Kihd

    I love zombie stuff. Mind if I sequel?

  2. Avatar Empty J

    Help yourself. I am planning on this going somewhere and have a part 3 draft going, but by all means have at it.

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