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I had a lazy morning.

I ate my first bag of Doritos (29 left) and watched Friends. I really can’t stand that Ross guy. Eventually I figured I didn’t have any excuse for not stretching my legs, so I got dressed: big old duster coat for pretending to be a cowboy (or in this case, keeping radioactive ash out of my clothes), rubber gloves, wading boots, pig-snout gas-mask and Bessie, that .308 I was talking about. I knew I looked like a complete goof, but something told me noone was going to point this out any time soon. On the off-chance someone did, thats why I had the rifle.

Topside, a few hours hadn’t improved the scenery all that much, but then again, neither would the next million years. I picked a direction – the center of town I supposed was somewhere in a slightly taller pile of rubble to the North – and strode on, passing my skull/ashtray on the way. A few paces on, I looked back – the shelter was an eerie, perfect door amidst endless, blowing ash and waste – like something out of the twilight zone.

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  1. Avatar Akheloios

    I like the continual references to counts going down in this series of stories, the cigarettes, the Doritos etc. As though the four minute warning hadn’t ended, it had just been spread out.

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