The Night Before Christmas

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Oh, how it snowed in Schenectady that year. Clouds touched the treetops with gray clutching fingers and enveloped our neighborhood so deeply in white that it seemed all color had drained away from the day.

But the night was so opposite. Red and green and twinkling blue lights cast a surrealistic lambency over the drifting snow, chasing back the shadows. Electric candles added a golden glow.

I loved Christmas as a kid. That day of the year was the one day I lived for.

I woke up around midnight, the night before Christmas the year I turned ten. I crept downstairs to catch a glimpse of Santa. I truely wish I hadn’t.

Santa was there all right, next to our Christmas tree with a bloody knife in his hand, standing over my mother who lay unmoving on the floor. Her eyes were open but unblinking. He was laughing and taking swigs from a whiskey bottle. He looked for a second in my direction but it was dark. Then, he left by the front door.

My mom was dead. My dad went to prison.

Christmas – bah, humbug.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    oh, snap, that is a terrible twist! dark. a little comical in the off-hand style of telling, to balance the horrific end. ugh. harsh. i guess that would make him a scrooge for life..

  2. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Haha! That is so darkly funny I want to slap myself. “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus!” Oh, it made my day.
    Funny how within the challenge only one of the entrants is a hot steamy love affair like the challenger asked for.
    That’s what I love about challenges, and about this.
    The romantic part is in the language up front, the darker story is the real twist and it’s STUNNING.

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