Cancer Didn't Kill Him

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No one was there by his bedside when he passed. He preferred it that way. At first, people were by his side all the time, but he was a solitary kind of guy. No need to hover over me, he thought. He’d long since lost the ability to speak. Nothing that came out was intelligible. But that was okay. His wife had been at his bedside for the past two days. He enjoyed her company again, even if he couldn’t lift his arms. His sons would be there for him every day, but they never saw her. She smiled, knowing they could feel her. And one day, when it was time, he called out to his sons. A sound that cut straight though there stomachs, piercing their brains. He couldn’t control how loud it was, or even how long it lasted. But they both rushed to his side. After he settled down, they went to their rooms, intent on sleeping through the night. When they woke up, he was already gone, his corner warm again after staying cold for so long. They knew he’d left, but they said goodbye anyway. He’d been ready for a long time.

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