Burning Daylight

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Santa Ana winds topping 60 miles per hour had dried out the Ortega Mountains. Whitecaps on Lake Elsinore beat the shoreline relentlessly, tossing watercraft around like toys and battering them against anything solid they might come in contact with. Scud clouds raced across blue sky, and played peekaboo with the sun.

High up on the ridgeline, right next to the road that twisted up out of the valley into the Ortega National Forest, the parking lot of the Mountain View Restaurant made a perfect landing zone. All I had to do was hit time and place accurately.

I almost missed. The inferno that history said would burn everything on this mountrain to a crisp was already well under way. My target lay unconscious at the side of the road, overcome by smoke. I sprinted to him and scooped him up in a fireman’s carry, then hit the redial button on my time watch. Daylight exploded in flame 200 years and three seconds ago.

Dead to his own world, the young math prodigy would make a fine addition to ours.

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  1. Avatar JC Tovil

    What a lovely story and leaves open to the imagination all the great things these two men and their counterparts will accomplish in the future.
    Also, nice visual with the boats.

  2. Avatar Kihd

    I love the concept! The line about the clouds playing peekaboo with the sun was a great visual.

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Neat idea, and I like how you really set the scene before the time travel twist and pay off.

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    what a twist!
    Time does burn, in light in your piece. Very graphic and less metaphorical. :)

  5. Avatar stargazer1960

    I really like the concept and the idea. I almost like it better without the time twist at the end.
    I’m sure firefighters feel that “time burns.”

  6. Avatar Robert Quick

    Nice work. As an “inevitable time travel piece” I think you did a better than average job.
    Slight nitpick- Mountain is misspelled toward the end. And I agree with Kihd, that particular line drew me in to the story.

  7. Avatar Raphael Bane

    This is bananas. It definitely leaves the readerwaiting to see what will indefinitely happen. This is amazing

  8. Avatar saveloy

    I love the concept, and you did a great job setting the scene. Now I really want to know what happens when the math prodigy wakes up!

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