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He sighed and sat back down. You stare at him with a confused look, then shake your head. You put the blue dyed tip of your pen back on the pad, as he continued.

“Hey hot shot..” Said Violet, the leader of BloodRush. They were the meanest, nastiest, most dirty racers ever. It was good to have them on your good side. “Hey Z!”Exclaimed Nevile,
His old partner.

“Hey nevs..” I mumbled, ‘howa you my bro?". "Great, but you don’t look so-" , “You gotta a hella lot of nerve coming back here Z..” Violet interrupted, biting the top off her blood red sucker. I laughed softly, “Hey hey hey now, why the hostility?” I spread my arm out in a hug and that earned me a sharp slap on the face. I rubbed my cheek and smiled, “ah, now that’s the Violet I know!” I exclaimed excitedly. She rolled her eyes, "Ok hot shot let’s go out back and pick your new ride.. Which you will probably ruin with your " upgrades".." I grinned and walked out, Nevile on my tail.

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