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I bite my bottom lip as I slip into the wide wooden doors of the convention center. My eyes widen to dinner plates, and I gasp and gap wildly. I almost feel like fainting as I stare at the wide amount of set ups. And the best part, one with the words “MickeyDoodle3” printed in large magazine letters. I smile widely, and run over to MY station. I unzip my coat, and set my large pink checker-board backpack on a stool behind the counter. I take out soft cover copies of my short stories, name tags, and an “Open” sign. I put my stories in neat piles, and look around the area of my shack. I see a few of my Ficleters, OMG KHID! I think to myself. I wave, and she waves back. I giggled softly, as I find more friends, and a share of rivals. A man stopped by, “Hey MickyDoodleDandy..” He said with a smile, even though I’d never met him, I know straight away it was Tad. “Hey! wazzup Tadders?” I giggled, he offered up a hand for a high five, which I took.

But for now I can only dream about this..


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  1. Avatar Jae

    I seriously think this is my favorite entry so far. Way to capture the excitement, MickyDoodle3! It’s infecting me too, and the end is BRILLIANT.

  2. Avatar Kihd

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!
    I freaking love this! I would totally need your autograph if we were to meet in real life.

  3. Avatar RoseTone ~LoA~

    Your enthusiasm is infectious – I really do love this piece….

    I’m dreaming too! _