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“Can I help you?” I ask the man entering my office.

“As a matter of fact, detective, I think you can,” he says, easing himself into a chair on the other side of my desk. “I’m investigating a murder.”

“Isn’t that my job?” I ask warily.

“Normally, yes. But my specialty is victims employed by the government,” he replies, laying a notepad on the desk.

“If your victim is government, then he would have the same clone backup with constant memory update you and I do. Just wake up the clone and ask him what happened.”

“Indeed. Sometimes though, as I believe you are aware, the victim of such a crime can take a while to recall the last moments of their previous life.” He explains, extracting a pen from his pocket.

“Well, what I’d do in that case is try to find out how far their memory goes, and work forward from there,” I respond, intrigued. “I’d be glad to help in any way I can.”

“You already are, Detective,” he says, touching pen to paper. “Now, what is the last thing you remember before I walked in here?”

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  1. Avatar Akheloios

    That’s a great mystery there. Nice hook, and it leaves so much to the immagination.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Imaginative and once you let the clone genie out of its bottle the possibilities abound. The ending, and I know it was intentionally vague, did leave me at a bit of a loss. Could still mean lots of things, but I’m kind of sure which one you’re going for.

  3. Avatar boxofun

    Oh, I love it! The story sneaks up on you… and you guess what’s happening just as it unfolds! Masterful!

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