The Man I Married

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“I didn’t choose this,” I whispered. Then, louder, as I worked up my nerve and convinced myself of what I was saying, “I didn’t leave a pathetic cop-out of a suicide note.” There were tears in my eyes as I started to shout at her. “I didn’t abandon my wife so I could live forever.” I twisted as much sneering disregard into the last two words as I could. “The man I married wouldn’t have, either.”

“So you killed your husband because he left you?” Her cordial tone was a mockery considering the wooden stake pressed against my skin. It burned, but didn’t ignite. Perhaps it wouldn’t until she stabbed me with it.

“He was already dead,” I insisted. I kept the fear from my voice, but couldn’t take my eyes off the stake.

“Tell me: do you feel dead?”

I breathed only to speak and I couldn’t feel a heartbeat. My eyes were subtly wrong and I wasn’t cold, though autumn nights in Iowa were. Despite those facts, I didn’t want her to pierce my skin with the stake. “I don’t feel human,” I said instead of an answer.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Haha, got half way through a quote and impetuously hit the ‘Write a Sequel’ button. How silly of me.

    Great installment. I especially liked the last line, how it really puts the issue in focus, the question of life and humanity.

    Merry, merry monthquel!

  2. Avatar Cally Beck

    Yeah I’m really enjoying the philosophical framing this story is managing—one of my favorite things about (well written) urban fantasy.

    I actually did my senior project in college on how fantasy fiction can illuminate ethics, so this is extra fun for me.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    just awesome, love how she answers! Full of emotion, mostly hate.

  4. Avatar Cally Beck

    Yeah I was trying to clarify that her actions weren’t those of a vampire hunter or whatever, but rather a bereaved wife.

  5. Avatar JayDee

    Awesome! The suicide note idea is genius. There’s a very clear distinction now between the motivations of the husband and the protagonist that makes the story a lot more consistant. But it also leaves just enough wiggle room for a little fun moral ambiguity!

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